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Ancient Bead Necklace

This is a bead necklace featuring ancient glass beads, gold beads hand made by Charley Hafen, finished with contemporary Japanese beads and a 14 Karat gold clasp.

The central bead is a rare Ancient Roman Mosaic Glass Bead, dated 200 - 700 A.D., the Roman Em-pire period. A few locations produced large ingots of glass that were then broken and distributed to smaller glass works in many locations throughout the empire. This bead was most likely made in the Eastern Mediterranean. The bead has been stabilized and is protected by a sterling silver sleeve in its perforation.

Two faience beads, on either side of the mosaic bead, are likely from Egypt as early as the Ptolemaic period, 332 - 30 B.C. Faience beads, in general, were one of the first glass beads made in Egypt.

The small creme colored beads are from Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka and Southern India and date from 750 - 1500 A.D. They were traded from China to Africa and are usually called Trade Wind beads or Indo-Pacific beads. The dark monochrome beads are modern Japanese glass beads. 

The Gold hand made beads begin in sculpting wax. A substantial amount of 24 Karat gold is added to copper, silver and/or nickel. Each small batch of beads made has a different proportion of these metals. This is close to an alloy the Romans called Elec- trum. They are then cast in the lost wax process, a center hole drilled, smoothed and polished, with applied finishes such as hammered, distressed or left untouched. 


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