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Ancient Bead Necklace

This is a two strand bead necklace made of ancient glass beads accented with contemporary 14 Karat white gold beads and clasp.

All of these glass beads were found in Java and are from the Early Classical Period, 750 - 1000 C.E. They are considered to be Indo-Pacific beads. This necklace contains green and yellow beads and a central combed bead along with a double eye bead and striped beads. By their relative rarity, the combed and double eye beads were highly valued. Identical striped and double eye beads have also been found in Afghanistan, dating from the same era.

Javanese beads of the Classical Period (750 - 1500 C.E.) seem to draw on the glass making technologies of India in the monochrome drawn glass beads. The large, extra-ordinary mosaic and combed beads seem to derive from late Persian glass techniques. These crafts were brought to Java and Sumatra by the movement of trade by Arab and Indian merchants seeking sandalwood, ebony and spices from the islands.


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