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Vintage Bead Earrings

This is a pair of earrings made of vintage glass beads with contemporary 14 Karat white gold hoops.

These earrings feature beads out of the African trade made in Venice. They are referred to in the trade as Venetian oval Cornaline d’Aleppa beads (white hearts). They are “lamp work” glass beads that have a red colored outer layer with a white inner core. The red glass was originally compounded using actual gold salts. Therefore, an inexpensive white core was used and then covered with the costly red glass layer. Later copper and selenium salts were used to achieve the red color. These beads were produced in the 1800s.

European bead-making began in Venice in the 13th century. France, Holland and Germany soon established their own bead making centers. It was Bohemia that later nearly rivaled Venice for bead making. Perhaps the most productive period of European bead production was the late 18th century through the mid 20th century.


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