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Ancient Bead Necklace

This bead necklace features vintage Venetian glass beads, Indo-Pacific beads, Djenné beads and a 14 Karat gold clasp.

The three large beads are Vintage Venetian beads dating from the 18th through the 19th Century and are from Africa. Venetian beads found a ready market in the African trade. These beads feature striped designs which were produced by a hot-drawn technique with the glass.

European bead-making began in Venice in the 13th century. France, Holland and Germany soon developed their own bead making centers. It was Bohemia (an area now within the Czech Republic) that later nearly rivaled Venice for bead making.

The eight small creme colored beads are from Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka and Southern India and date from 750 - 1500 A.D. They were traded from China to Africa and are called Trade Wind beads or Indo-Pacific beads. They were probably the most widely traded bead of all times

All the smaller beads are Indo-Pacific or Trade Wind beads that were found in Djenné, Mali in West Africa, 300 - 800 A.D. These beads are thought to have traveled from India to Kenya or North Africa, and then overland by camel along the Saharan trade routes to West Africa.


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