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Amanda Lili Barker

L'Arbre Fee de Bourlemont

These pieces of L'Arbre Fee de Bourlemont are gathered together in this space in the form of functional ceramic sculpture. By hand building the forms of tea ware, sculpture, and wall hangings, I have cultivated interactive art pieces to build a relationship with. Each piece is born from a state of removal on my part. I find the best art work comes through me and I get to be surprised at the outcome.
Trees, for me, are a symbol of the life cycle; birth, fruition, death, that mystical transformation, and to birth once more. The Treepot tea ware is inspired by Taiwanese tea gala and my time spent delving into the world of Camellia sinensis tea. During the 2010 World Tea Expo was the first time I saw a ceramic tea set that appeared to be carved from wood. I knew I had to try this for myself.
The faerie creatures and dragons are friends I have been drawing since I was a child. I am overjoyed to express them through the medium of porcelain clay.
The wall hangings are a personal reminder of a season. The tree may remain, but the leaves of the season depart with decay. I preserve the impression of these leaves as a memento of a special time of year or a tree that has befriended me.
The functionality of these pieces are important to me, most likely do to my utilitarian childhood. Did you have a favorite tree as a child? One that you would sit under and read books, or climb to the tallest branch, or gather fruit in season. I did. This artwork is dedicated to the blessed timber that shelters us. This moment is fleeting and precious. I encourage you to build your own connection to these individual creations while they are all together in this space. Blessed Be.

The artist's work was featured at Charley Hafen Jewelers • Gallery from August 21, 2015 through September 12, 2015.

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