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Dayle Record

Two Points of View

"Art is how I tell the story of my random observations of the world. I am drawn to what strikes me as beautiful, and that is a very open-ended category with me. The simple mystery of why objects appear as they do, to noticing the patterns in water or clouds, I enjoy the natural workings of Earth's Physics and Chemistry. I enjoy the human predicament and ponder that daily, sometimes those thoughts result in a figural work."

"I work in several media, in fact, I work in whatever medium is available to me at different times in my art history. Currently I work in oil paint. I find oils to have an infinite means of expression with color, tonal value almost without limit."

The artist's work was seen at Charley Hafen Jewelers • Gallery, Upstairs Gallery, from 6/20/14 through 7/12/2014.

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