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The Feral Clay Pottery Studio:

Rob Marquardt, Rachel Hsieh, Tami Searle, Jacey Myers, Stef Voigt

"Adventures in Teapots"

Rob Marquardt, Rachel Hsieh, Jacey Myers and Stef Voigt of The Feral Clay Pottery Studio share their exploration of shape, size and clay design from completely functional to completely aesthetic.

"In this show, we take on some of the more challenging forms, platters and teapots and push our personal limits to explore the boundaries in size, shape and design. In some cases we have had to completely reinvent our processes and the ways in which we take the forms to finished product. The work therefore covers a diverse showing from completely functional to completely aesthetic."

The artist's work was seen at Charley Hafen Jewelers • Gallery from 7/19/13 through 8/10/13.

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