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Jacob Reese

I have painted mostly plein air, choosing my subjects according to immediate attraction, with no plans beforehand.  I drove, hiked, and biked to various sites in Israel for the single most important purpose, painting live with mosquitoes, gnats, and the occasional cow.  These paintings are sort of a visual journal from these trips.  Each one separate and distinct but connected by the concentrated meditation of a specific place, spanning a specific time.

As I went out to paint, traveling where ever, I would find myself painting the agricultural land I drove through on the way to archeological or religious interests.  The number of times I walked through Tel Aviv or Jerusalem and thought "I've got to paint this!" became outnumbered by the times I would pull off the highway onto a dirt road and four-by the car up some hill to get a good vantage point to paint the sky, the hills, the dust, and fog.  Sometimes I walked out of the village and into the orchards at dawn and that was enough.

There is something in the atmosphere of the spaces that grow the food of a nation.  The dusty skies in the morning, fading into a hot fog in the summer humidity as the day passes, the color of the light filtering through the trees as I move into the shade on the side of a mountain.  In the landscape, in the mountains, the fields, the orchards, you can sense a true lifeblood, something more honest and modern than the well known sites of religion or science.  I feel there is a tension and a beauty you can sense here, with or without the spiritual and emotional ties that come from recognition of those sites which are held sacred, and that is what I want to share with these paintings.

The artist's work was featured at Charley Hafen Jewelers • Gallery from Friday, July 17, 2015 through Saturday, August 15, 2015.

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