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Joy Nunn


"I love to paint, I love getting lost in what I am doing, to be in that zone of not knowing about anything around me, of the time standing still, of looking at the endless variations of color, water into color, subject, and composition, and being both in awe and constantly stimulated to develop something out of it all."

"For me, I will be forever grateful to whatever led me down this path, whatever allowed me some time to indulge in this means of expression, and I will eternally thank the gods for giving me an interest in art, and through its pursuit, allowing me to become a benefactor of its greatest gift - learning how to see."

The artist's work can be seen at Charley Hafen Jewelers • Gallery from 11/15/13 through 1/11/2014.

Artist Reception to be held in conjunction with the Salt Lake City Gallery Stroll, on Friday, November 15th, from 6–9 PM.

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