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Liza Julien, Polly Masaryk, Dana Ryan Perez 

Confluence: Three Streams

These artists' work can be seen at Charley Hafen Jewelers • Gallery from Friday, 4/17/15 through Saturday, 5/9/2015.

Liza Julien

Mixed Media Collage

My inspiration comes from a life-long affinity for the rich possibilities I find in the everyday clutter of modern life.  I see potential in security envelopes, caps, lids, junk mail, bubble wrap, labels, barcodes, text, maps, coffee cup sleeves, and magazine ads.  These materials impart a visual and physical "feel" to collage that is pivotal in my art.  I approach each piece as an opportunity to transform the colors, textures, and graphic elements inherent in these short-lived castoffs into compelling works with renewed beauty and meaning while expressing an alternative possibility of what they could be.  These seemingly disparate elements are chosen to create connections within the diverse layers of the piece and are often unified with the conscious use of acrylics, inks, watercolors, pastels, pencils, markers, and photographs.  My work is intended to function on multiple levers: close-up the work reveals minute details of the materials, then physical layering interrelates them, and finally the composition conveys the essence of the piece.  Mixed media collage is the medium that, from the beginning, most naturally expresses my artistic ideas.  My current work is influenced by graphic elements found around us, both urban and natural signs, typography, manmade structures, natural features, and daily detritus.

Polly Masaryk

Fabric Collage

My textile work is grounded in the traditions of cloth.  I manipulate the traditional quilt form and push it into new territory by treating the surface as fiber collage and construction.  The quilt is my canvas.  Crafting it is a kind of performance where the energy behind hand and mind are recorded in the textile structure.

Cloth is bound, dipped, dyed, cut, slashed, ripped, pinned, layered, altered, and stitched.  This work takes time.  Over many days, slowly, gradually, a surface and structure emerge.  I collect, combine, discard, sift and shift through images.  Memories bubble up. meaning and emotion spiral.

I sometimes allow water, air and gravity to push and pull the pigments through unbound cloth.  I pour color and let it seep.  My eye searches for patterns on the serendipitous surface as I map a personal landscape in stitch.

Dana Ryan Perez

Botanical Prints 

I am a gardner like my mother before me and her mother before her. We touch the land, nurture the seeds, harvest the fruits and share the bounty.  We are caretakers of the earth.  I am a printer like my father before me and my son after me.  I set the type and crank the press. There is heritage in this link between nature and technique.  There is a love for the land and a love for rendering it into art.  This has been a three year adventure in mixing science and craft with the unpredictability of Mother Nature.  I have moved from the pressroom to the city farm, printing my way through the garden with the ink from pigments in the leaves and stems.  Drawing them out with steam, pressure and time.  Some give willingly, others prefer not to let go of their precious color.  Using this sustainable process to transfer the pigments onto paper and fabric has become more predictable with time, but each unveiling reveals the unexpected.  The prints are vibrant and ethereal, leaving behind only water and debris for compost.

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