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Lorna Johnston


Lorna Johnston lives in Taylorsville, Utah with her husband and three small dogs. Lorna has engaged in many interests throughout her life, centering on handwork, art, and photography. She has produced original oil and pastel paintings and has taught classes in many of her skill areas. She loves to immerse herself thoroughly in her passions. “It is as though all the different areas I have pursued have converged to inspire me to create unique jewelry designs.”

Her interest in jewelry making and beading began in the early 2000’s with an idea of using vintage jewelry inherited from her mother to create new jewelry pieces. Her beading skills are mostly self-taught. In 2009, she discovered two styles of beading that inspired a new level of creative energy. The first is a technique to create intricate woven patterns with seed beads; the second is bead embroidery. Lorna’s original works are influenced by Victorian and ethnic designs. She loves using lamp work, fresh water pearls, unique cabochons, and a variety of seed beads in creating her jewelry.

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