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Richard M. Garland

By Memory

"Watercolor has been my choice of medium for the past 35 years of painting. It is always a source of expectation and surprise, as one never knows how it will look until the paper is dry, The Utah landscape and flowers from my garden and orchid collection are sources of inspiration."

"Several layers of paint are applied to a wet surface to create luminosity, sometimes over a graphite sketch. All of the details are brushwork, not watercolor pens or pencils. Recently, I have been mixing my paints with a saline solution to experiment with colors and create abstracts that sometimes crystallize upon drying. I am a member of the Utah Watercolor Society and I have lived in Cache Valley for over 35 years."

The artist's work was seen at Charley Hafen Jewelers • Gallery from 5/17/13 through 6/17/13.

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