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Robert Hall

The West

Robert Hall has photographed the West for more than four decades. Using traditional practices and processes, he has captured both grand and intimate landscapes found in these deserts and mountains. His focus is to preserve and exemplify the beauty of the western states. Robert feels this beauty is best expressed through the use of traditional photographic and printing methods, which are laborious and time consuming, but demonstrate a respect to the eons needed to create the landscapes.

Robert uses what are considered "old fashioned" view cameras, which project the image in reverse and upside down. This aids in the composition, as it removes any sense of familiarity from in front of the camera and allows the photographer to focus on form and composition. The large film size (8x10 inches and larger) adds immaculate resolution: it frees the viewer's mind from the need to create detail where the resolution is lesser. The resulting image clarity adds an aesthetic of depth and reality not found with more modern methods of image capture. The artist's work was seen at Charley Hafen Jewelers • Gallery from 3/21/14 through 4/11/2014.

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