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Waldo Kidd

Contemporary American Realist Painter

One of my greatest inspirations has come from this urban landscape. I admire many types of architecture but I particularly respect the unpretentious functional nature of industrial buildings. I see beauty in the rust, the years of wear, and the evidence of the people who perform the work inside. As a result, much of my work is made up of the things we all miss on our way to and from the office. My intention is to portray the emotional connection I feel for these places and the respect I have for this segment of society and their contribution to it.

More recently I have begun to explore still life, taking a contemporary approach to a classic representational art form. I like to create a very detailed object against a Spartan background of a complementary color. Unlike my architectural paintings color and light are the main tools I have to create form and depth. The background provides no "context", so I must pay greater attention to subtle shading and develop accurate lighting to create a life-like rendering.

The artist's work was seen at Charley Hafen Jewelers • Gallery from 8/15/14 through 9/13/2014.

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