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Ida Bagus Made Nadera painting


Painter: Ida Bagus Made Nadera (~1910 - 1998)

Dated: 1966

Size: 13 x 29 in

Provenance: Collected in Bali, Indonesia in 1988.

The Painting

Tempera on canvas, signed Ida B. M. Nadera, Bali, ‘66. The painting is close to the Ubud style of painting, yet is quite distinct. Nadera’s paintings have been described as expressive and surreal, often including magical or dream-like themes that draw from the Balinese world view. This painting represents several scenes from the Hindu epic of the Ramayana. The main characters are Rama, Sita and Rama’s brother Lakshmana. In the Classical style of Balinese paintings, it was common to depict several scenes on one painting. This painting is a transitional style between the Classical wayang paintings to the style first influenced by the European artists in the 1920s and 1930s showing more depth and perspective.

The Painter

Nadera was born about 1902-1915 in Tegallinggah, Bedahulu village in the regency of Gianyar. He joined the Pita Maha painter’s association in 1936. Later, Nadera had his own painting studio often visited by art collectors in Semabaung, Bedahulu in the 1960s. He remained active painting into the 1980s. He also performed the Balinese topeng mask dance and arja. He was expert at reading Hindu books (ancient palm leaf manuscripts) in Kawi, the literary language of early Bali and Java. He died in 1998.

On the island of Bali his work can be seen at the Neka Museum and, ARMA Museum in Ubud and Taman Budaya in Denpasar. Several of Nadera’s paintings are displayed in the Presidential Palace in Jakarta. In recent years his works have been included in auctions held by major international auction houses such as Christie’s and Bonhams.

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