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Batik sarong desa, Java

Item: Batik sarong tulis

Size: 38 x 69 in (96 x 175 cm)

Provenance: Tuban area, Java, Indonesia; mid 20th Century.

Method: hand spun, loose hand woven batik


This was described by a local batik expert as batik desa, village batik from the area around Tuban, Java. The length suggests is was made to be a sarong or tube skirt. In the Tuban area one can sometimes find cloth where the undyed yarn is woven into a coarse, uneven cloth called lawon for the basic material of batik.

It seems that the motif shows influence of Chinese culture with the Hong bird similar to Lok Chan design. This is extra-ordinarily rare cloth. In hundreds of batiks this collector has seen, there has never been any piece like this. Even the precise techniques of batik, batik painting or additional methods are unclear.


This particular style of batik and the hand made cotton it is executed on, is rarely found. Other than the usual use of batik as formal or ritual wear, little is known of this particular textile.


Very good, except for a little edge damage. See picture below.

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