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Ikat Sarong, East Flores

Item: Ikat sarong, Adonara, E. Flores

Size: 48 x 50 in (123 x 127 cm), 505 g

Provenance: Adonara, E. Flores, Indonesia; mid 20th Century

Method: Hand spun and hand woven cotton, commercial and natural dyes, warp ikat


This is a cloth made from two mirroring panels joined together along the edges and then joined to form a tube garment. The main color is dark blue. The dominant, natural colors are red from Mirinda citrifolia and blue from indigo. Both panels have one larger ikat design band. The ikat figures are in ecru (cotton color). These bands are flanked by narrow ikat dot stripes. The background is a grayish indigo blue with several narrow stripes of ikat in natural dyes with borders of brightly colored synthetic dyed thread. The ikat from East Flores and Solor is mostly 'simple' designs in handspun cotton.


The Lamaholot region comprising East Flores and the islands of Solor, Adonara and Lembata are culturally and linguistically distinct from the rest of Flores. The most elaborately developed and locally differentiated Lamaholot textile is not used as daily dress, but as part of bridewealth exchange, given in marriage by the bride-givers as a counterpart to the groom’s gifts of elephant tusks. It is also appropriate dress for special occasions.


Excellent condition

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