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Ikat Sarong, Solor

Item: Sarong or tube skirt, Solor

Size: 47 x 61 in (119 x 155 cm), 880 g

Provenance: Solor, Indonesia; mid 20th Century.

Method: Hand woven, hand spun cotton, vegetable dyes, warp ikat


Locally referred to as Kewatek Méa, a woman's sarong. The handwoven fabric is made of cotton and is handspun. It consists of two panels sewn together. The main color is red brown. All ikat bands are indigo overdyed with red (morinda). Both panels have three ikat design bands. The ikat figures are in ecru (cotton color) against a dark blue brown background. On either side of these bands are ikat dot stripes and meanders. The panels contain a large number of these narrow ikat bands with the meandering motifs which are characterisic for sarongs from East Flores. The cotton in this piece is handspun and has a somewhat heavy hand.


Solor is a volcanic island located off the eastern tip of Flores island in the Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia, in the Solor Archipelago. The island supports a small population that has been whaling for hundreds of years. They speak the languages of Adonara and Lamaholot. The Alor-Solor region includes the east coast of Flores, the larger islands of Solor, Alor among others. The area is important for the islands' traditional whale hunting activities.

The ikat from East Flores and Solor is mostly very simple designs in handspun cotton. Their important function, not their only one, is as a Brideswealth cloth. Little other information is available.


Excellent condition

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