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Men's cloth Beti, Timor

Item: Men's cloth beti, Timor

Size: 32 x 75 in (81 x 190 cm), 804 g

Provenance: Beboki, West Timor, Indonesia, 1960s

Method: Handspun, hand woven cotton and natural dyes, warp ikat


A men’s cloth, beti, from Biboki in West Timor with stripes of ikat in red, orange-red and pink. The textile is made from two identical panels joined together along the warp, each with one primary ikat band with secondary narrower ikat stripes. The main ikat bands contain design bands of a chicken or rooster design in ecru ikat on an indigo or black ground.


Insana has the reputation of producing the finest weaving in West Timor. One of the most characteristic textiles is this type of 2-panel men’s cloths with . The ikat birds show much more fine detail than those of other weaving areas in Timor. Other common designs or motifs are crocodiles or the hooked rhomb, kaif, basic to Timor textile design. Many Timorese textile motifs are ancient designs having come to the Indonesian archipelago with the Dongson bronze age culture. This bronze age culture came from Annam, present day Viet Nam, in the Eighth Century BCE. Many decorations on the ancient Dongson bronzes found their way into Timor textile designs.


Very good condition, some fading of the likely original blue-black background

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