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Scarf 'selendang endek', Bali

Item: Ikat scarf, selendang endek

Size: 17 x 53 in (43 x 135 cm), 65g

Provenance: Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia; mid 20th Century

Method: Hand woven, weft ikat on cotton, with fringe on the ends.


This is a weft ikat considered to be much more tedious to make than warp ikats. The design follows the design of early 20th Century endeks with a stylized four petal pattern that is still referred to as tampak bela or poinsettia blossom. It has a loose weave common to endaks. Endek cloths are still all handwoven. This is time-consuming work and costly.


Originally only the courts wove endeks and only the princely families were allowed to wear them. They wore them on special occasions, using them as wraparounds or shawls. The earliest pieces, dating from the late 19th to early 20th century, were cotton and came from Buleleng in north Bali, which was then an important textile producing area. The patterns started off being mostly geometric shapes, but later other motifs were employed, like animals, flowers, stars and wayang figures. Early endeks were red and then yellow and later green. Until the beginning of the 20th century traditional vegetable dyes were employed. In the 1930s weavers in the villages, outside the courts, started making endeks. Centers of endak production can still be found in Bali's aristocratic and brahmanical neighborhoods.


Excellent condition

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