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Setagen, Ikat Pinggang, Bali

Item: Setagen (or Stagen), ikat pinggang, Bali

Size: 7.5 x 134 in (19 x 340 cm), 180 g

Provenance: Bali, Indonesia; about 1900 - 1920.

Method: a supplementary weft weave of hand woven cotton and bagu (?) yarn


This extra-ordinary piece was woven with a supplementary weft weave of hand woven cotton and bagu yarn (Balinese white ramie), bast (a fibrous material from bark used as fiber), or other palm fiber. The warp is cotton, the weft is a stiffer fiber along with the supplemetary fibers. The exact identity of these fibers is yet to be determined. There is fringe on the ends of the cloth.


The current usage of the term setagen is an Indonesian abdominal brace for relaxing abdominal muscles after pregnancy. Historically a setagen is a stiff band of corded cotton measuring up to 13 yards by 5 inches, used to secure a kain or sarong at the waist. Men wear wider stagen than women do. The formal pieces are a narrow sash used as a waist or hip cloth used during prescribed ceremonies, and occasionally used as an altar or offering cloth. This is a very rare piece, probably 80-100 years old. The Balinese antiquarian was acquainted with an identical, rare family piece and was quite adamant that the piece dated to the very early part of the last century.


Very good.

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